Helpful Tips for Winter Moving

Thursday Jan 09th, 2020


Just the thought of moving in winter is enough to send icy shivers down any home owner’s spine.  However, with proper planning it can be much more enjoyable for everybody involved.  Winter weather can be unpredictable but these helpful tips can reduce last minute stress on an already daunting situation.

  1. Have your utilities in place prior to the move.  Nobody wants to move into a home without heat or electricity in the dead of winter. 
  2. Keep your thermostat in check.  With movers coming in and out of your home constantly on moving day you may want to lay off the thermostat and give your furnace a break.  You can place a space heater in the main floor bathroom and keep the door closed to provide an enjoyable escape from the cold when it matters most.
  3. Keep old carpets to place in the entryway or plastic tarps.  Remove as much snow as possible on the driveway and walkway to eliminate some of the snow and slush tracked into the house.
  4. Keep winter essentials on hand.  Extra gloves, hats and scarves can go a long way.
  5. Double wrap all your electronics.  Electronics don’t do well in the cold and you’ll want to take extra care in transporting them and getting them into the home as soon as possible.  Double pack all your fragile items as the cold makes them more brittle and icy conditions can spell disaster.
  6. Board your pets.  If you have pets you want to keep them in a safe warm space during the move, look out for our furry family members.
  7. Keep the kettle on.  Warm beverages are a life saver when working in cold weather; keep everyone toasty with tea and hot chocolate during the day.

Keep these helpful tips in mind when planning a winter move and stay cozy.

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